An Introduction to Negotiation

The fine art of negotiation is a key skill for life, and for business. However, it’s a skill which every social entrepreneur can develop and hone to get great results.

There’s much more to negotiation than haggling and bargaining hard. Whether you’re dealing with customers, suppliers, contractors, colleagues or even board members, you’ll need good negotiation skills to win acceptance of your ideas or reach agreement on contracts and costs.

The thought of negotiating a deal or a price might fill you with dread, but our practical Introduction to Negotiation workshop will show you how to develop the skills you’ll need to ensure social enterprise success. This workshop will introduce the why, when and what of negotiation. You’ll learn about the different styles of negotiation, and the importance of non-verbal communication. You’ll also work through all the steps in the negotiation process and learn the key rules. Add all the elements together and the workshop will provide you with a negotiation toolkit to build business success.


For you if:

  • you are the founder or leader of a social enterprise
  • you have to negotiate with customers, suppliers, contractors, colleagues or board members
  • you have to negotiate contracts or costs
  • you want to achieve better outcomes from your meetings with clients or partners
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