Introduction to Marketing Communications

Channels, platforms, promotion and print. Learn how to apply strategic thinking to promoting your organisation through modern marketing communications.

Modern marketing covers a bewildering array of elements in the full ‘marketing mix’, but this half-day workshop introduces participants to business promotion through marketing communications. The session will focus on the contribution marketing communications can make to overall business strategy, and on finding the right elements of marketing communications for your own organisation. 

During the workshop delegates will be introduced to a generic marketing communication process. A description of the key components of a marketing communications strategy will be covered, and we’ll outline a range of communication tools and techniques available to marketers.

For you if: 

  • you are responsible for marketing and promotional activities but don’t have experience 
  • you want to understand more about marketing communications 
  • you want to learn how marketing communications can used to complement business strategy  
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Venue 1: The Melting Pot, Rose Street, Edinburgh, UK
Duration: Monday 2nd December, 9.30am - 12.30pm

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