Introduction to Selling

Snake oil, soft soap and hard sell. Selling has attracted plenty of negative press, but when done properly, sales can make all the difference to business success.

Although Britain has been described as a nation of shopkeepers, the idea of selling products or services makes many of us a bit uncomfortable. Certainly, sales are often seen in a negative light. However, a strong sales strategy is essential if you want to achieve business success, and social enterprises are no exception to the effective sales rule. In our Introduction to Sales workshop, you will be encouraged to accept that sales are not just about profit, but also simply about helping people decide if your product or service is right for them. 

As a social enterprise offering services which aim to make money and do social good, it’s vital that everyone in your organisation understands that selling plays a critical part of your business’ success, and that they all have responsibility for selling, one way way or another. The workshop will help you understand the key principles of building a sustainable sales strategy, and bust some of the myths about selling. It will also help you develop the confidence to think about sales with a more positive, business-like frame of mind. 

For you if: 

  • you are new to selling
  • your role involves selling goods or services and you have little experience
  • you would like to increase sales in your organisation but have little experience
More details

Venue 1: Falkland House Stables, Falkland, Cupar KY15 7AF, UK
Duration: Wednesday 20th November, 9.30am - 3.30pm

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